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A sewer camera inspection allows home and business owners to spot exactly where the issue is. With our thorough Sealy sewer camera services, our team can pinpoint trouble spots even deep below the ground. Then our experts can consult with clients to arrange the best way to fix the sewers, depending on how much damage there is.

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How Do Sewer Cameras Work?

The process of a sewer camera inspection is simple but highly effective. A small hole is inserted into the ground. Then a tiny camera is attached to a strong and flexible cable, which is then fed through the sewer pipes. The cable can wrap around even complicated bends in the joints of a sewer pipe, capturing the line’s entirety with vivid detail. These images are projected to the team of plumbers, so they know where to return to work on the pipes. 

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The Benefits of Using Sewer Cameras

Due to their position deep beneath the earth, sewers may be experiencing troubles, but property owners have no idea that anything is going on. In addition to finding the location, sewer camera inspections identify the type of problem so plumbers know how to designate the most appropriate solution. For example, a sewer that has been disconnected at the joints requires different support than a pipe that is clogged or leaking. 

Most importantly, sewer camera inspections are much less invasive than traditional methods of digging up a pipe to discover what is going on. With our rapid sewer camera inspections, clients can benefit from seeing the live feed of their sewer lines without dealing with an extensive mess. 

What a Sewer Camera Can Identify in a Plumbing System

It is extremely important to avoid dumping anything down the drain or toilet that might create a blockage. Nevertheless, things may fall in by accident, eventually leading to an obstructed sewer line. Our specialists at Sealy Plumbing are here to help people avoid further damage by identifying sewer problems early on. These highly advanced cameras can even locate multiple blockages, whereas traditional rooters may only find the first one. 

Some of the issues that can be found with a high-tech camera include clogs caused by:

  • Overgrown tree roots attracted to the water
  • Accumulated toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins
  • Soap scum and byproducts from cleaning materials
  • Fat, grease, and oil
  • Feminine hygiene products or diapers
  • Foreign objects such as toys, hardware, keys, and jewelry
  • Leftovers of food and drink, such as coffee grounds, eggshells, and seeds

Let Sealy Plumbing help in locating even the most hidden blockages before they create worse havoc in the sewers. 

For dependable, upfront prices for our Sealy sewer camera services, get in touch at (979) 271-6980.

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