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Installing new piping in a home is an important process that must be handled correctly to prevent plumbing issues from arising. At Sealy Plumbing, our experts have the necessary equipment and skills to ensure any piping or repiping project is a success. We even provide the service of tunneling, which enables us to replace pipes under slabs quickly and effectively. 

Depend on our Sealy piping and repiping specialists for quality products and workmanship. Call (979) 271-6980 today or send us a message online for advice about your upcoming project.

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What Is Repiping & What Does It Involve? 

Repiping is the replacement of pipes in a home or building. A whole home repipe is the complete replacement of a property’s water supply lines, including both the hot and cold water pipes from the water source to the fixtures. Often, this involves removing the old pipes before installing new lines. Repiping does not usually include drain and sewer lines. 

The repiping process involves 4 main stages: 

  • The prep work – Because repiping involves cutting some drywall, the process can create some dust. This means furniture items and other items in the area will need to be covered to prevent them from collecting dust. During the home evaluation, the plumber will inform the homeowner of areas they will need access to so that any items can be cleared before the work begins. The plumbing company should also obtain any necessary permits and include them in the cost of the repipe. 
  • The repipe – The water will be shut off before the work begins each day and turned back on during the evening. The crew will work on removing the aged, deteriorated system and replacing it with new pipes. Homeowners will be informed ahead of time how long the process will take, which is usually one to three days, depending on the size and complexity of the home. 
  • The inspection – Following the completion of the repiping process, the specialists will run tests to ensure that everything is operating correctly. During the inspection, the technicians will look for integrity issues and confirm that all connections are installed properly and fully functional. Finally, the system will be pressure tested and then flushed out. 
  • The cleanup – All remaining mess and materials will be taken away from the work area. The holes in the drywall will be patched up and painted over to look as good as new. 

When to Repipe a House 

There are several reasons why a home may need to be repiped. Houses with older copper or galvanized pipes are often good candidates for repiping. These types of piping materials often suffer from corrosion, which can lead to leaks, reduced water flow, rust-colored water, and low water pressure. It’s also a great time to repipe when a home is being remodeled or before putting a home on the market. 

Additional indications that it may be time to repipe a home include: 

  • Poor-tasting or smelling water 
  • Water temperature is difficult to change 
  • The water is discolored 
  • Water pressure issues 
  • Leaking pipes 
  • Noisy pipes 
  • Corrosion on pipes 

When homeowners are uncertain about whether their house needs to be repiped, they can trust Sealy Plumbing for a reliable evaluation of their piping system. Whether there’s a small section that needs to be repaired or a complete replacement of the lines is required, we’ll handle the job with great skill. 

For reliable piping and repiping services in Sealy, call our experienced plumbers at (979) 271-6980

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