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The stylish, functional features in any kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room are essential to allow residents and guests to access that all-essential supply of water. Here at Sealy Plumbing, our team can install or replace virtually any kind of plumbing fixture. We also repair everything, from statement walk-in showers to disability-friendly toilets. With our fixture services in Sealy, you can feel you are only receiving the highest quality products. 

To learn more about our prompt solutions for fixtures, get in touch online or contact our talented specialists now at (979) 271-6980.

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  • “Bryan was early for the appointment and very professional.” - Janis H.
  • “Reasonable pricing compared to other companies in the area.” - Deb M.
  • “This company obviously knows what it is doing, and excels in customer service.” - Gordon L.

When to Replace Plumbing Fixtures in Your Home

No fixture can last forever, even the brands of the highest quality. It is important to know their general expiration dates to be aware of when to contact a plumber for a new installation.

A few of the plumbing fixtures that will typically need to be replaced include: 

  • Sinks – Generally, both kitchen and bathroom sinks last a long time, although the material they are made of affects their longevity. If a sink constantly leaks, especially if it is cracked in the basin, there is no real way to repair it. A sink is also due a replacement if it looks outdated or mold spots won’t go away.
  • Bathtubs and showers – It is much more challenging to replace showers and bathtubs on account of their size, as well as the limited area in a bathroom. Moreover, at least a portion of the tile around these areas will need to be taken out and then replaced too. Nevertheless, a leaking shower or tub, or one that is permanently stained, could greatly benefit from a replacement. 
  • Toilets – Fortunately, toilets do not have to be replaced as often because they can even last for several decades. However, even the most durable toilet will eventually succumb to wear and tear. If the bowl has been cracked or has lost its sealing, it is high time to exchange it. 
  • Faucets and taps – Since these fixtures receive the most direct hand contact, it is not surprising that they would expire more quickly. If the water is extremely hard, it will also cause fixtures to wear out rapidly

The Importance of Scheduling Fast Repairs

A faucet that is leaking or a showerhead that is a bit loose might not seem like a big problem at first. The trouble is that delaying repairs for plumbing fixtures tends to make them worsen over time. In some cases, an issue that could be repaired right away ends up requiring an expensive emergency replacement because the fixture deteriorated. No one wants to pay extra, unnecessary costs, especially if they have already been facing higher utility bills from leaking water. Let our talented experts at Sealy Plumbing provide prompt repairs to save you from dealing with the hassle of a missing plumbing fixture.

Give our skilled team members a call at (979) 271-6980 to benefit from our fixture services in Sealy, and we will even provide same-day support whenever possible.

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